GapVax G7 Jetter

The G7 Jetter…the better jetter. Customers, dealers, and the team at Gap Vax have been anticipating this unit for quite some time. “Designed by the operator, for the operator” is the mindset behind all of our products. This was the same approach used when engineering our jetter.

Commonly used, quality parts were incorporated so our customers will have the same dependability they’ve come to know and trust. The G7’s user-friendly design along with proven components are a customer favorite.

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gapvax g7 machine

Gap Vax builds to a higher standard and value that keeps our customers coming back. Quality components, a simplistic design, and high efficiency engine all come together to give you the best jetter option out there.

The water tank is made of polyethylene plastic and offers a 500 or 700 gallon option. Water is filtered through a 100 micron water filter prior to entering the pump. High pressure water from the water pump is directed to the jetter hose reel and/or washdown hose. Precise control of water pressure and flow is accomplished with the bypass valve.


  • Trailer or skid mount options available
  • Engine enclosure
  • Tow options
  • Jack (crank or electric)
  • Digital footage counter
  • Power rotate on jetter reel
  • Washdown reel options
  • Low water alarm
  • Wireless remote
  • Light package options
  • Toolbox and basket options
  • Wheels and tire package


Fuel TypeGas or Diesel
Trailer- NATM Certified Trailer
- Heavy duty powder coated trailer frame
- Trailer or skid-mount
- Stainless steel fluid lines under trailer
Water PumpTriplex water pump
Water PressureHigh pressure water pump designated to use water up to 300 micron
PSIAvailable with 18-40 GPM; 2,000 - 4,000 PSI
Belt DrivesBelt drive with 5V belts
Storage BasketsYes
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GearboxHydraulically powered direct-drive gearbox
Speed ControlVariable speed control
Water SwivelHeavy-duty (hardened steel) water swivel
Articulation3' (curbside) articulation from center of bearing
Rotation180° Rotation
MoutingMounted on a heavy-duty 10" bearing with external grease fittings
FootageFootage counter
Capacity800 x 3/4" capacity hose reel (other options available)
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