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JD Brule Equipment offers comprehensive services for trucks and equipment. Count on us for expertise in handling your specific needs.

Annual Inspections

We are proud to be an authorized MTO inspection station, capable of safetying and certifying your vehicles as needed.

Webasto Heater Service and Repair

As an authorized Webasto heater repair and service center, JD Brule is a trusted destination for all your Webasto heater needs.

Aries CCTV Equipment Service and Repair

Our business is an authorized Aries CCTV service center equipped with highly trained repair professionals specializing in these systems in Ontario and Quebec.

Heavy Equipment Road Repair

JD Brule has licensed heavy equipment technicians who can provide diagnostics and repair services for all your heavy equipment needs.

Welding and Fabrication Services

Specializing in providing exceptional welding and fabrication services for all your custom projects, our skilled team is here to help.

Our on-site team of hand-picked licensed mechanics work in our shop that’s custom built for precision and efficiency.

Unlike most other shops you’ll see, it is well-lit, extremely well-ventilated, and yes, even clean!

  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Annual Inspections
  • Oil Filter Changes
  • Parts


Over the last couple years we have grown our fleet of trucks in the Ottawa area to a number greater than 50. Randy and his team have been amazing in getting our trucks serviced or repaired in a reasonable timeline. When we have had emergencies, they have stepped up and taken very good care of us. They have an amazing team of mechanics that are very knowledgeable on a variety of different trucks. Our business is ontime demand and we cannot afford to have our trucks sitting in repair facilities. JD Brule has been an important part of keeping our customers happy as we can get our machines to them on time.

I would recommend to anyone to use them as a repair facility.

—Jason Rutter
Cooper Equipment Rentals


At JD Brule Equipment, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch parts and exceptional customer service to all our valued customers throughout eastern Canada.

sewer pro shop

Sewer Pro Shop

High performance, one-piece Blue Star nozzles with ‘Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics.’

blue star nozzle

Blue Star Nozzle

These high-quality nozzles offer reliable and efficient solutions for tasks such as cleaning and jetting.

Dig Pig Products

Enhance safety during digging with Dig PIg products that accurately locate underground utilities, preventing damage and service disruptions.

Warthog Nozzles

Warthog products are advanced, durable tools designed for heavy-duty excavation. They deliver exceptional cutting power and excel in various applications.

Webasto Heater Supplies

These heaters are known for their durability, energy efficiency, and ease of use, making them a popular choice among professionals.

hydrovac supplies

Hydrovac Supplies

Hydrovac supplies are essential for efficient excavation. We can assist you in sourcing these crucial products, ensuring smooth operations.

Sewer Products

Maintain and repair sewer systems with ease. JD Brule provides these products for efficient and effective sewer operations.

You call - we’ll pick up.

This is hands-on service at its best.

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