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We retail products from reputable providers in the trenchless technology equipment industry to deliver reliable and efficient solutions to suit your needs.

Trenchless technology brings numerous benefits compared to traditional excavation methods. It can reduce costs by 25-30%, making it a more economical choice. Additionally, it accelerates the repair process by an impressive 50-60%, significantly minimizing downtime and disruptions. This approach is less intrusive, causing minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment and reducing inconvenience for communities.

Furthermore, trenchless technology is environmentally friendly, requiring fewer resources and generating less waste. It also extends the operating life of assets, improving their overall performance and durability. By embracing trenchless solutions into your operations, you can achieve efficient, sustainable, and reliable infrastructure repairs.


Schwalm Versatility40,000 PSI precision cleaning Capable of cleaning, cutting, and clearing:
- Wood
- Brick
- Steel rods
- Tree roots
- Tar
- Protruding pipes (any material)
- CIPP-lateral reinstatements
- CIPP and UV CIPP liner removal
- Tuberculation in Cast-iron pipe
- Rocks and dirt
Nozzles4" LanceThe 4" Lance is equipped with 0° and 15° jets for aggressive cutting and standard cleaning/cutting applications. Adjustable Lance Caps, ranging from 3mm to 30mm, are included for cutting multiple CIPP liner thicknesses.
Nozzles12" LanceThe 12" Lance also features 0° or 15° jetter options and two CIPP caps. This nozzle is designed for removing CIPP in pipe sizes 20" and up. It also comes in handy when you need to create distance between the debris and the camera.
NozzlesTwin-Jet Spray BarThe Twin-Jet Spray Bar attachment is used for removing debris from the bottom of the pipe without damaging its surface.
Minimum RequirementsHigh-Pressure Water Blasting TrailerTo get the most out of AccuPower, you’ll need a high-pressure water blasting trailer, with a minimum of 90-gallon water tank, 155 hp/40K psi pump delivering 7 gallons per minute.
Capabilities- Air-driven
- Rugged and durable
- USA Service and support
- Interchangeable attachments
- High-resolution camera
- Can integrate with most CCTV systems
ModelsFSR 1330
- For 6" – 12" Pipe
FSR 2060
- For 8" – 24" Pipe
Degrees of Freedom- Robot carriage: drive forward/backward
- Access arm: swivels up/down
- Access arm: swivels clockwise/counterclockwise
- Tooling mount: swivels about transverse axis up/down
- Camera: 270° camera swiveling in lateral axis (+/- 135°)
Essential Features & Components- Talpa FSR 2060 Robot
- Talpa FSR 1330 Robot
- 500 LB Crane with Lighting
- 500 FT Air Hose Reel
- 660 FT Cable Reel
- Wash Down Tank for Cleaning Robots and Lens
- Comprehensive Control Unit
- Double Monitors
- Built-in Generator, Air-Compressor
- Solar Panels
- Built-in Joy Sticks (Desk Top)
- Optional PS4 Controls
VeriCure® CIPP Curing Monitoring System- 360° cure
- Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology
- Perfect for short segments or pipe runs of 1,000 ft. or more.
- Available in 6,234 ft. (1900 m) spools
- well-suited for pipelines with multiple bends
- Available in spools: 350 ft. (106.7m), 500 ft. (152.4m), 600 ft. (182.9m), 700 ft. (213.4m) and 800 ft. (243.8m)

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