Air Top Evo 40/55

Key Features

  • Up to 4.0 / 5.5 kW heat output
  • Intelligent Blower Control for minimized power consumption
  • Adapted blower speed and silent fuel pump (DP42)
  • Flame detection through exhaust gas temperature sensor
  • Standard automatic altitude adjustment
  • Automatic cold start function
  • Compatible with MultiControl digital control panel

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The Air Top Evo 40/55 signifies a notable stride forward in heating solutions for large commercial vehicles, delivering enhanced heating capacity and versatility. Engineered to prioritize comfort and safety, this model excels in rapid and efficient air heating, rendering cabins and cargo spaces cozy and warm even under harsh conditions. Notably, its control system minimizes energy consumption and noise levels, while the standard automatic altitude compensation system ensures optimal performance at different elevations.

With its straightforward installation process, the Air Top Evo becomes a cost-effective retrofit option. For larger cargo spaces, the modular design allows seamless integration of two units, further expanding its heating capabilities. This innovation embodies a perfect blend of convenience, performance, and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for those seeking reliable and advanced solutions for their vehicular needs.


Heating Capacity3,100 - 7,000 BTU/h (0.9 - 2.0 kW)
Fuel Consumption0.03 - 0.06 gal/h (0.12 - 0.24 l/h)
Rated Voltage12 or 24 V
Operating Voltage Range10.5 - 16 or 21 - 32 V
Power Consumption1.25 - 2.45 Amps (14 - 29 Watts)
Air Flow55 cfm (93m3/h)
Dimensions (L x W x H)12.25 x 4.78 x 4.85 in (311 x 120 x 121 mm)
Weight5.73 lbs (2.6 kg)

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